MP2 Pumps

MP2 Pumps nano2 Pumps

Micro Peristaltic Pumps–High Performance, High Precision
Achieve the absolute highest level of accuracy and precision with the MP2 micro peristaltic pump. Compared to a standard peripump, sample introduction with the MP2 offers a average of 42% increase in precision and 68% increase in accuracy. With low pulsations, a steady signal, and a wide dynamic range, the MP2 is the best option for any ICP and ICPMS application.

Features of the MP2 include:

  • Very Low Pulsation
    • Accurate internal standard addition at low-flow rates.
    • Faster analysis without losing precision.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (< 1μL/min - > 10mL/min)
  • Optimized for Low Flow Rates
  • Stand Alone and Integrated Versions
  • One to Eight Channels
  • Chemically Resistant
    • Ceramic pins and PTFE-coated metal components are resistant to acids and organic solvents
  • Compact Size
  • Pump Design Extends Tubing Lifetime
  • MP2 pump can also be integrated to a variety of instruments

Fig 1: Average difference from the calibration was calculated for each analyte and internal standard. Accuracy was improved by MP2 on average by 68%, with extreme improvement for Zn (93%) and axial Y (90%).