FAST DXi–Integrated FAST valve and precision micro peripump

The FAST DXi for ICP/ICPMS instruments is a fully integrated automation system for a number of diverse high throughput applications. Software and hardware are fully-integrated in one platform–Autosampler, FAST valves, syringe pumps, peristaltic pumps and multi-application software control. The rack configurations allow large and small sample volumes to be analyzed in a single run. A wide variety of probe designs, standard racks and custom racks are available.

  • Direct Replacement for Standard Pumps
  • Connects to Any SC-DX Autosampler
  • Analytical Advantages
    • Accurate internal standard addition at low-flow rates
    • Faster analysis without losing precision
  • Hardware Advantages
    • Four channel pump
    • Chemically Resistant
      - Ceramic pins and PTFE-coated metal components are resistant to acids and organic solvents
    • Intergrated FAST valve reduces dead volume
    • Aligned compression shoes
    • Easy tube replacement
    • Options include six channel pump with dual FAST valves for specialty systems
  • Peripump Control Options
    • Instrument software control
    • SC-FAST software control

The FAST DXi can be integrated to a variety of instruments, including: Optima, Elan, NexION, iCAP, XSeries2 and Bruker.