Integrated Peristaltic Pumps

Micro peristaltic pumps offer advantages over standard peristaltic pumps due to precision machining and a roller configuration that minimizes the gaps between rollers, resulting in more even pressure points along the pump tubing.

The MP2 offers less pulsation in sample delivery, smaller relative standard deviations in signal, and consequently, improved detection limits. Also, the pump offers improved mixing of internal standards or diluents in online mixing tees.

  • Direct Replacement for Standard Pumps
  • Analytical Advantages
    • Accurate internal standard addition at low-flow rates
    • Faster analysis without losing precision
  • Hardware Advantages
    • Four channel pump
    • Chemically Resistant
      - Ceramic pins and PTFE-coated metal components are resistant to acids and organic solvents
    • Aligned compression shoes
    • Easy tube replacement
    • Options include six channel pump
  • Peripump Control Options
    • Instrument software control

It can be integrated to a variety of instruments, including: Optima, Elan, NexION, Element2, iCAP, XSeries2 and Bruker.